Welcome to OxyCare – Management Information System (OC-MIS)

When any patient gets a severe COVID-19, the oxygen levels in the body can get low. To keep your oxygen levels at the normal range, patient needs to be given medical oxygen. Medical oxygen can be made available through various devices like oxygen concentrators, PSA Oxygen Plants, Compressed Gas Cylinders and Liquid Medical Oxygen etc. Central Government, State Government and various other organizations are procuring these medical oxygen devices and providing to Health Facilities so that Covid19 patients can be provided whenever it is required.

To fast-track the availability of Medical Oxygen in Health facilities, an IT enabled Management Information System called OxyCare has been developed to track each oxygen device for providing better services to the patients. As of now, Oxygen Concentrators (OCs) and PSA Plants are being monitored using this system. Secure QR Code has been placed on each Oxygen Device, which is read by mobile app to facilitate various tasks in secure and fast manner. OxyCare Management Information System (OC-MIS) has been empowered with allocation, distribution, supplies, receipt, installation, maintenance, online monitoring of purity, flow and pressure in case of PSA Plants.